Shuckin Feud – Just Shuckin Around with The Pearl Gearls
Shuckin Feud (FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY) - Just Shuckin Around with The Pearl Gearls

Shuckin Feud

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This game Is Available for Friday Nights Only There is a Limit to How Many Times this game is Played In a Night. So be One of the lucky ones and Gets yours today. 

The classic game with a Pearl flare. Survey says you could win 5 oysters. (2 Freshwater Oysters, 1 Saltwater Oyster, and 1 Rice Oysters and 1 Loose Pearl. A $84.00 Value. You Get 1 Saltwater oyster for getting the #1 answer, Freshwater Oyster For The # 2 and # 3 Answers, 1 Rice Oyster For #4, And 1 Loose Pearl For Answer #5.  Unfortunately if you get 2 strikes before getting all 5 answers you didn't win all the prizes but you do win all the prizes you did uncover. 

But wait for $10.00 more you can get 6 answers and an Extra Strike. So now you could win 1 extra oysters. A $99.00 Value

OMG There's more If You can Get All 5 Or 6 Answers Without Getting One Strike You Win 25 Tickets Into The Monthly drawing

So You could win 5 oysters (Freshwater, Saltwater and Rice) and 25 Tickets from one $45.00 Game. A $135.00 Value. Have fun and happy feuding.