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Rotating Magnifying Makeup Glasses

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Having problems putting your makeup on due to poor eyesight?

These eyeglasses will end women’s misery with smudges while putting their makeup on. It magnifying lens will definitely amaze women as they apply their makeup, tweeze their eyebrows, and put on either their falsies or mascara.

The eyeglasses fold down to 80 degrees allowing you to do things at the same time. How? Well, you can wax one eye and while waiting, you can do other things with the other. The magnifying glass allows you to see the things you are working on while applying makeup on your other eye.

These eyeglasses come in fashion design and are solid and lightweight. The available diopter ranges between +150 to +400. This product is intended for women who need correction glasses when putting their makeup on. Here are the steps on how to use the Easy Makeup glasses

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