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Pearlette - Just Shuckin Around with The Pearl Gearls


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Introducing Pearlette

There are 2 Chance to win At This Game. At the Start Of The Game You Pick An Exact Number Between 1-36 Then You Give Me A Color Black Or Red. If Your Exact Number Comes Up Then You Win A Tray Of Oysters (5 Oysters). If It Doesn't Don't Worry You Still Win The Corresponding Prize For That Number.
Bonus: If You Pick The Right Color You Get To Spin Again. So You Keep What You Have Already Won And You Get Another Number. You Do Not Get The Chance At The Tray Of Oysters On Your Second Spin. If By Chance The Green 0 Hits You Win 20 Tickets and a Free Spin. Good Luck

Game Comes with 2 balls so doubles your chances to win the big prize


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