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Match Mind (SUNDAY NIGHT ONLY) - Just Shuckin Around with The Pearl Gearls


  • $25.00


This Game is Like Match Mine From Angie B's Show With A Twist. What You Do Is Pick If You Want to Match Debby's Mind Or Sam's Mind. Depending On Who You Pick They Give's You a Word and you have to give Them the first thing that comes to your mind. If You match Any Of The 3 Words That They have You Win. If You Match The third word you win 1 Oyster, 1 random Cage, and 5 tickets (Monthly Drawing) If You match the Second word you Get 1 Oyster, 1 random Cage, 10 Tickets (Monthly Drawing) If You Match The Number 1 answer which is the first answer they came up with You win 2 oysters, 1 random cage, and 15 Tickets. (Monthly Drawing). If You Don't match Any of my words you still win 1 oyster, and 5 tickets (Monthly Drawing)

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